I have a vision of New Zealand as a country that is safe, rich, and prosperous, and once again enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world. If we are, as a first step, to lift our living standards to the level of those in Australia, we need to break the cycle of dependency and create an environment that encourages rather than discourages hard work, thrift, and enterprise. We need to reduce taxes, cut government waste, increase productivity, and improve our international competitiveness. Steps need to be taken urgently to address these issues.

I intend to fight for the rights of all New Zealanders to live in a country that is prosperous, yet fair, that ensures equal opportunity for all to get ahead, and looks after those who most need our help.

I intend to stand up and fight, for the rights of individual New Zealanders and for the future of our country.

My track record proves that I can, and I will.