Have Your Say

If you followed John’s campaign against the Electoral Finance Bill you will know that John fervently believes in freedom of speech. This includes the ability to have your say, not just at election time with your vote, but all through the Parliamentary term.

Indeed before he became an MP and as a member of the voting public, John took the opportunity to make an oral submission to the Select Committee against the Electoral Finance Bill and also held a silent protest in the visitors gallery overlooking Parliament against the Bill.

Here are the main ways you can have your say in relation to Parliament and Parliamentary work;

Contact an MP

Members of Parliament are your representatives in Parliament. You can contact them at their offices in the parliamentary complex or at their out-of-Parliament or electorate offices.

Contact an MP today

Make a Submission

If you have something to say about a bill or other item before a select committee, you may be able to make a submission about it. Select committees ask for your opinion by ‘calling for submissions’.

How to make a submission

Petition the House of Representatives

Anyone may petition the House of Representatives to ask it to act on a matter of public policy or law, or to set right a local or private issue. There are rules about what comprises an acceptable petition.

Prepare a petition

Vote in elections

Any New Zealand citizen and permanent resident who is 18 or over and whose name is on either the Maori or general electoral roll before election day can vote in a general election. Each voter has two votes to cast — a party vote and an electorate vote. This is how New Zealand citizens choose who represents them in Parliament. This electoral system is called mixed-member proportional representation or MMP. Vote in elections

Challenge a Regulation

You or an organisation may make a complaint to the Regulations Review Committee if you feel wronged by how a regulation operates. If you need to make a complaint about a regulation there is a standard format for this, which is outlined in the procedural guide, Making a Complaint to the Regulations Review Committee. Challenge a regulation

Seek a Referendum

Anyone can start a petition to ask for a nationwide referendum, known as a ‘citizens initiated referendum’. For a referendum to be held, you must get signatures in support of holding a referendum on your question from over 10% of eligible voters nationwide. There are several processes to be followed before you can begin collecting signatures. These are set out in the Citizens Initiated Referenda Act 1993. Seek a referendum

Stand for Parliament

The Elections New Zealand website is the best source of information for anyone preparing to stand for Parliament. This is where you can find out about the different types of candidate, who can be a candidate, where a candidate may stand, and candidate nomination procedure. Stand for Parliament