ACT’s Three Strikes Legislation Working Exactly As Intended

Monday, July 8, 2013

ACT Party President John Boscawen says ACT’s Three Strikes legislation is working exactly as intended and he is pleased that Justice Minister Judith Collins agrees.

“Elijah Whaanga – who has received a second strike and a final warning for two aggravated robberies – is a violent young man, and just the kind of offender the law was intended to target,” Mr Boscawen said.

“His first strike was also for an aggravated robbery.  He hit the victim over the head numerous times and stole $68. I don’t care if it was $68, $680 or 68 cents – the issue is not what he took, but the violence of the assault.

“Mr Whaanga is in the habit of using violence to steal other people’s property.  If he does that again, having received a final warning in the clearest terms from Judge Adeane, then jail is the right place for him.

“Critics say he needs treatment. Well, he will get a chance to address his problems while he is jail for the next two and a half years, serving his second strike sentence without parole. I sincerely hope he does address his problems and becomes a productive citizen on his release.

“Neither I nor my ACT colleagues past and present want to see people waste their lives in jail. But this man, like everyone else, has a choice to make. I hope for his sake he makes the right one. If he doesn’t, jail for a long time is where he belongs, and ACT’s ‘three strikes’ law will send him there” Boscawen said.